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What complications can I face if I go for lip job?

What complications can I face if I go for lip job?

The idea of beauty has become very important in today's world and perception of beauty varies from person to person. Although each one of us is beautiful in different way, there are times when we are not satisfied with certain features in our body and want to change them. This has been made possible by cosmetic surgeries and procedures of various kinds. These include surgical and non surgical techniques change and alter certain physical features on the patient's body as per his/her requirement. Some of the most common cosmetic procedures include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, laser treatments of various kinds, chemical peel off, Laser hair treatment, facelift and lip augmentation. Botox is one of the most commonly used chemicals in most of the cosmetic surgeries. Botox temporarily numbs certain muscles thereby slowing down the process of aging of skin. In Amritaya, you can find some of the best botox treatments in noida. The clinic has been acknowledged widely for providing the best anti aging treatments in noida. Apart from anti aging treatments, Botox is widely used for lip augmentation, also known as lip job.

Lip augmentation or lip job is a cosmetic procedure of increasing or decreasing the size of your lips as per your wish that too by non-surgical ways. The procedure is very common in the television and film industry and a lot of celebrities have undergone the treatment. The idea of lip augmentation has become very popular amongst the youth of India. People not only from cinema but various other fields as well are opting for the procedure. Women are more likely to go for lip augmentation as compare to men.

Botox lip flip involves the use of Botox injections to make your lips look bigger. The procedure is carried out by trained dermatologist who injects the chemical at multiple spots in the upper middle portion of the upper lip. If you are planning for the go to procedure, you can find the best lip injection clinic in noida. Botox treatment cost in noida is also comparatively lower as compared to other parts of the country thereby making it the best option for lip augmentation. The lip injection cost may vary for different brands and it is advisable to consult a doctor before opting for any specific brand.

Apart from using Botox lip augmentation can also be done by using certain chemical fillers. Injectable fat fillers involve the injection of healthy fats directly into the lips to make them look plumper and fuller. Collagen fillers last for about 3 to 4 months but these are not suitable for everybody and you need to consult a doctor to make sure that you are not allergic to these.

Lip augmentation has a large number of benefits. The procedure is less time consuming and hardly takes half an hour. In case of surgical procedures, the patient is ready to go back to normal life within a week.

Using implants of very high quality help to give a natural feel to your lips and they are very minimal chances of rejection.

The procedure is very safe as there are no chances of risk complications.

The fat and collagen injections used during the procedure give phenomenal results making your lips look plumper, bigger, fuller and lustrous.

However apart from all this benefits, the procedure has certain risks as well. These include allergic reactions which lead to redness and swelling. Sometimes if the procedure is not performed by trained specialists, it can cause permanent damage to the lips. The chemicals used in the procedures can cause burning sensation, although it is temporary. Itchiness and irritation are also some of the common side effects of Lip augmentation. In extreme cases the patient might lose sensation in the lips.

Every medical procedure has certain risks as well but this does not mean that we nullify the procedure completely. Even though lip augmentation has certain risks as well but these are outnumbered by the benefits of the same. Hence you should take all the necessary precautions and consult the best Dermatologist if you are planning to undergo lip augmentation.

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