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What are the risks of laser hair removal?

What are the risks of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the best techniques of removing unwanted body hair in a pain free manner. The procedure is carried out by trained dermatologists. The technique has helped millions of people worldwide to permanently get rid of excess body hair. All the excess hair can be easily removed buy waxing or shaving but these are not permanent solutions. Shaving your hair can damage the upper layer of the skin and lead to uneven growth of hair. The hair grows back within no time as their roots are left intact. Although waxing is a very efficient way of removing excess body hair but the processes is quiet painful and some people may also develop allergic reactions to the wax. Laser hair removal on the other hand is a very hassle free technique and this is the reason why it has gained a lot of popularity in the western countries as well as India. Amritaya, which is the leading centre for laser hair reduction in noida provides wide range of Laser hair reduction facilities which target the hair growth in various different parts of the body. The technique of laser hair removal can be used for any part of the body like face, underarms, pubic area, legs, chest, back and arms. The increasing number of people opting for laser treatment in noida clearly indicates the popularity of the procedure.

Lasers can be used to precisely target the hair in a particular area. It can even be used in areas hair waxing is quite difficult. Lasers can also be used to remove coarse hair.

Laser technique of hair removal is quite fast as the laser beam can target a wide area in one go. Smaller areas like upper lips and eyebrows take less than a minute or two.

Laser technique is very safe and can be used on the face to remove excess facial hair as well.

The procedures to be repeated three to seven times, after which person permanently gets rid of unwanted body hair.

Since laser technique targets the roots of the hair, therefore it takes the hair longer than 5 to 6 months to grow back. Hence Laser hair removal gives long term results.

Laser hair removal does not involve the use of any chemical hence there are no chances of side effects. The procedure is safe for both males and females.

The leading laser hair removal clinic in noida brings to your service a team of highly efficient dermatologists including the top notch specialist for laser hair removal in noida. The clinic is equipped with all the equipments based on latest technological advancements and has been acknowledged widely for giving  efficient and satisfactory results. Although there are many clinics that provide the facility of Laser hair removal but the procedure requires high efficiency and experience or else it can leads to a number of complications and risks. Hence it is extremely important to choose the best dermatologist to avoid any complication.

After the procedure your skin may become very sensitive and you might need to take certain precautions. The most important of these precautions is using sunscreen while going out in the sun. You may even use an umbrella or a scarf to cover your face and body. Some people might even experience redness and irritation which is quite normal. Although blister formation is quiet rare but there are chances that you might develop these if the procedure is not carried out by a trained expert. Laser hair removal can also lead to permanent scarring or change in the colour of the skin. The skin may be ome lighter or darker.

The risks and side effects of Laser hair removal vary from person to person depending upon the skin type, complexion of the patient, gender, age, and the area to be treated. Laser hair removal is usually not recommended for eyebrows and area surrounding the eyes as the beams can cause severe damage to the eyes and even lead to permanent Visual impairment.

Hence if you are planning to undergo Laser hair removal, it is very important to consult a specialist and discuss all the pros and cons. The specialist makes need to conduct certain test to ensure that you are eligible to undergo the procedure. Laser hair removal is one of the most common types of Cosmetic surgeries that helps to enhance our look. Excess body hair is not only unpleasant to look at but is also very unhygienic and is a breeding ground for many harmful microorganisms.

Although Laser hair removal comes with the number of risks but its benefits outnumber these risks thereby making it the most popular hair removal technique.

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