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How much time will PRP hair treatment take?

How much time will PRP hair treatment take?

PRP therapy stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. It is a new medical technique that has proved to be one of the greatest achievements in the medical world. In this technique, the patient's blood is drawn out and churned at a very high speed to separate the platelets. The blood is again transferred into the patient body whereas the platelets are collected and used for the treatment of various problems by injecting them into the affected area. Platelet rich plasma treatment has become very popular due to its high efficiency and no chances of side effects. Injecting healthy plasma into a certain body part helps to stimulate the production of healthy cells in that part, thereby leading to the production of new healthy tissue.

The treatment is available only at selected centres. Amritaya is one of the most trusted names when it comes to various types of Cosmetic and related procedures. It is the leading clinic for PRP hair treatment in noida. A lot of people are opting for Hair loss treatment in noida owing to the fact that hair fall is becoming very common nowadays.

Hair plays a very important role in defining our physical beauty. We all want to have long beautiful and shiny hair. Hair is made up of protein and grows from the pores on our scalp. The density of hair varies from person to person depending upon the environment, climate and Lifestyle followed by person. Environmental factors have a great influence on the health of our hair. People living in humid areas tend to have more hairfall as compared to people living in cold and dry areas who intern tend to have more dandruff. There are various hair related problems that can proved to be very problematic if not treated on time. The most common of all of these problems is hair fall. Hair fall can affect people of any age group and gender however middle aged and elderly men tend to be more prone to the problem.

Stress and hormonal changes are leading cause of hairfall. Not maintaining a proper hygiene and taking regular baths can also drastically affect the health of your hair. Hair fall is also caused by pretaining medical conditions and the treatments used to cure these. For instance in patients suffering from cancer, hair fall is very common after chemotherapy. Even in case of severe head injury sustained in an accident or burns on the scalp's surface, a person may start losing his hair. Women tend to lose hair during pregnancy and after childbirth. Amritaya, which provides the best PRP hair therapy in noida, provides a solution to all of these problems.

The platelet rich blood is injected on the patient's scalp where it stimulates the growth of new healthy cells hereby stimulating hair growth. The procedure has certain risks as well which include clotting, nerve injury and scar tissue. Before the treatment it is very important to determine the cause of the problem. Consult a specialist for best results.

Certain brands have also launched products such as oils, tonics and shampoos for promoting hair growth but these are not as effective and stop working after some time. Platelet rich plasma therapy is one of the most effective procedure for promoting hair growth.

Even though the procedure is very helpful but it has certain risks, hence it is very important to discuss all of these with your doctor before undergoing the procedure. Also after the procedure it is very important to follow all the guideline set by the doctor. Abstain from using cosmetic products on your scalp. Make sure you maintain a proper hygiene and wash your hair on daily basis. Oiling and combing your hair is very important and maintain a separate towel. Visit your doctor for follow ups to ensure that there is no complication.

Maintaining the health of the hair is extremely important for maintaining our beauty. Platelet rich plasma therapy is not recommended for people who are on blood thinners, smoke frequently, I use any sort of drugs. You may also fail to be an eligible candidate for platelet rich plasma treatment if you are suffering from any chronic medical disease, cancer, thyroid, anemia, platelet dysfunction syndromes, systemic disorder etc.

In case you are suffering from any of these problems you can simply opt for other methods which include oral medication and laser treatment. Certain medicated serums and tonic may also be prescribed. Apart from these, following all the instructions given by the doctor is also very important.

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