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Anti-acne treatment: How can it help me?

Anti-acne treatment: How can it help me?


The skin covers the major part of our body and is exposed to a lot of environmental impuritie which tend to affect our skin drastically. Skin problems can affect people of all age groups and are common in both males and females. One of the most common skin problems that mostly affects the teens, is acne. These start developing when a person reaches adolescence. There is no possible way to prevent when you are in your teen years. However drinking lot of water and consumption of antioxidants can help to get rid of the problem to some extent. Amritaya is one of the best skin care clinic in noida. Anti acne treatment in noida has attracted patients form far of areas due to cheaper rates and better results.

The leading spot treatment centre in noida provides facilities based on the technological advancements that are at par with international standards. If you are planning to undergo acne scar treatment in noida, Amritaya is the best option.

Acne formation takes place when the pores on the skin get clogged with dirt and oil particles. Apart from these dead skin particles may also get accumulated in these pores leading to the formation of acne. Acne is one of the most chronic skin conditions, that leads to the outbreak of pimples on the various parts of the body like the face, back, chest and upper arms. Acne is also caused by hormonal imbalance in the body and is very common in women suffering from polycystic ovarian disorder. The sebaceous glands which activate during puberty are the major cause of acne formation.

It is not only the acne that are a cause of concern but also the spots left behind by these. Acne not only affects the skin but also has a drastic impact on a persons self confidence. Acne is considered to be the greatest enemy of beauty and many cosmetic products have been launched that claim at permanently eradicating the problem. However using any product without the recommendation of a doctor can worsen the acne outbreak and lead to allergic reactions as well. It is advisable to avoid using all sorts of cosmetic products like foundations, concealers etc. Abstain from eating oily food products as these also trigger acne formation.

It is seen that obese people are more prone to develop acne as compared to normal people which leads to the conclusion that obesity is also a leading factor responsible for Acne formation. Anxiety and stress also greatly impact on skin leading to acne outbreak. The climate of an area also directly or indirectly triggers acne formation. People living in hot and humid areas tend to develop acne more often. The problem can also be passed down through genes from the parents to child. In women, acne outbreak is quite common when they are on their period. Polycystic ovarian syndrome which is caused by hormonal imbalance in the body also leads to the outbreak of acne on various parts of the skin.

Home remedies for acne include drinking lots of water, eating a balanced and healthy diet, avoiding junk and processed food, abstaining from smoking, covering your face while going out in dust and pollution, washing your face 2 to 3 times a day and not letting oil accumulate on your skin. Tea tree oil one of the best solution for acne problem. Lemon and honey solution also be beneficial for treating acne. Although home remedies are extremely beneficial but their effects start showing very slowly. Allopathic medications help to provide a permanent and long term solution to acne. If you are facing problems like persistent acne formation, immediately consult a dermatologist. This might be an indication of a severe medical condition like PCOD.

Dermatologists suggest a variety of treatments oral medication and laser techniques to get rid of the acne. Sometimes medicated creams and solutions are prescribed that are to be applied directly on the affected area however in case of severe spots, procedures like laser removal of the upper layer of skin, chemical peels and steroid injections may be used. Chemical and Laser peels directly target the uppermost layer of the skin and help in getting rid of all the acne along with spots. In case of children oral medications are usually avoided and mild medicated creams are used instead. The doctor may prescribe certain guidelines to be followed and the patient has to make sure to follow all of these religiously. All of these treatments aim at providing a flawless skin without any trace of acne or spots.


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