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Pigmentation Treatment.


Ever wondered why everyone has different skin colours? While some of have dark skin some are fair, some are white while some are brown. Well, we say it’s God’s creation but science calls it ‘Melanin’. Melanin is basically a pigment which is responsible for colour of our skin. The more number of melanin in our skin the darker colour we will get. Our skin color is always constant and hardly changes because of continuous production of melanocytes cells which keep our skin colour intact.

However, due to some factors exposure in sun, hormonal changes and old age disturbs the production of melanocytes in our skin resulting in pigmentation or dark spots. Pigmentation is never appealing and is a sign of unhealthy skin. Amritaya Skin Slimming & Beauty Clinic is one of the leading pigmentation treatment clinics in noida offering world class pigmentation treatment for face. We are one of the most advanced and hi-tech clinics with latest equipment offering best pigmentation treatment in noida along with affordable pigmentation treatment cost in noida and NCR.

These dark spots or pigmentation start with one small freckle on our skin and will soon spread in large parts. If not for the physical appearance; it is important to take care of pigmentation for the health of your skin. After all, skin is also a part of you and a healthy skin is always a sign of healthy you. And, Amritaya Skin Slimming & Beauty Clinic will help you in getting rid of any spots on your skin with its effective and multi-disciplinary treatment which is exclusively charted out for each individual who comes to us.

We have dedicated experts who are highly qualified and experienced and are doing ground-breaking work in exploring more advanced procedures for a healthy, glowing and ever youthful skin.

What to do if I see spots on my face? Do home remedies work?

Home remedies are good and are temporary solution to a rigid problem. If you see that spot in mirror and that has stopped you from checking yourself out in mirror and you believe that spot was a part of your imagination then you need a wakeup call.

Pigmentation is not only a cosmetic issue but the problem is deep rooted. Pigmentation, if not triggered by sun exposure then can be sign of hormonal changes in your body which needs to be checked. If your dark spots are returning after the treatment then you need to get yourself checked too. At Amritaya, we do not make you sit for the procedure without doing proper research. Our experts will conduct required tests to find any other underlying problem and will then begin with the procedure for pigmentation.

How will it be treated?

There are facials, chemical peels and laser therapy too. The most effective, however, is the laser treatment. It works fast and is long lasting as compared to other treatments. At Amritaya, we offer highly advanced and effective laser treatment that will help you in getting rid of your pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. Our laser equipment are highly advanced and assure you of any complications.

Once, our expert examine you thoroughly they will recommend the beat laser treatment and number of sittings too. After the laser treatment you won’t see the difference immediately, in fact, you may witness little darkening on the treated area. Don’t panic, it is part of the procedure and you will see improvement in next few days.

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Pigmentation Concern

In age spots or patchy skin, you will observe flat brown, gray or black spots on the skin. It usually occurs on sun-exposed areas. In this, skin aging, sun exposure or UV rays exposure are the causes.

It is a common distressing skin condition marked by the uneven dark patches in a skin tone. Hyperpigmentation is treated by our special skin treatments such as Diamond polishing, Beauty light oxygen therapy provided at amritaya.

It is a very common patchy brown, tan or blue-gray facial skin discoloration usually seen in women. It usually occurs in the upper cheek, upper lips, forehead or chin. At amritaya, we offer a number of product for Melasma treatment.

Drak circles and puffy eyes can you leave looking like a slump. Sometimes dark circles are inherited but its other causes can be fatigue, allergies, anemia and advancing age. Amritaya has a number of products and services to treat dark circles and puffiness.

pigmentation treatment in noida


pigmentation treatment in noida


hyperpigmentation treatment in noida


hyperpigmentation treatment in noida


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