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Bridal Service

Bridal Service

You walk the aisle once in your lifetime. It is not just covering that distance to reach your groom; in fact, it is the beginning of a never-ending journey with the one you have chosen and with the one who will be your partner for your life. And, of course, on the day when the whole universe celebrates the occasion of your union, you would want to look the best and cherish every moment that makes you closer to your soul mate. Looking the best bride is, of course, your right and in no way promotes any sham. Amritaya Skin Slimming & Beauty Clinic believes in celebrating the power of being a woman and standing tall and strong. We give you the platform to look your best and feel your best on your wedding day with our glorifying and lasting wedding bridal makeup and other bridal makeup services.

We offer customized packages for every bride depending on the skin type and the time left for the wedding. Our focus is not only giving you the best bridal makeup but also offering the best treatment for your skin to make it glowing and healthy. At Amritaya, we will leave you with a permanent glow. We are one of the most popular makeup salons in Noida and NCR offering the best bridal makeup packages and bridal makeup price list.

Our team of beauty experts will counsel you and discuss with you about your expectation and will also guide you in choosing the best type of makeup for you. We offer all kinds of high range of makeup like Airbrush makeup, HD makeup and others. The specialised treatment for prospective brides can begin before 6 months of the wedding. However, if you don’t have time with you and have a few weeks in your hands even then we have customised treatment which can give your skin the best effect in less time.

On your wedding day, you, of course, do not want to worry about tanning, blemishes or any freckle on your face or skin. At Amritaya, we not only focus on your face but take care of your overall skin with our package to give you a rejuvenating experience.

Apart from that, we also have laser treatments and slimming treatments to make you look the best on your special day. And not only for brides; we have customized package for prospective grooms as well, to give them all the opportunity to look as good as their brides.

You can ask your partner to accompany you to our salon and get the same refreshing and rejuvenating time together.

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